Agricultural industry

Climanova does not only supply parts and equipment for agriculture.
Several techniques are combined into one complete solution.

Storing products

  • Retaining walls
  • Half-round ventilation channels
  • Thermometers - product sensors
  • Humidity sensors
  • CO2 measurements
  • Ethylene measurements
  • Ethylene dosage
  • Power generators
  • Hatch motors, gear-racks en shafts

Mechanical cooling with ice-water

The time potatoes or onions will keep, begins right after harvesting and could take until early spring. As it concerns mainly fall and winter, the present conditions outside are often used to store the products at a low temperature. A common method of preserving is, thus, open air cooling. If it is desired to prolong the storage time or one wants to depend less on the conditions outside, it is necessary to switch over to mechanical cooling. For such use, Climanova chooses an ice-water cooling system. This system has certain advantages compared to a classic system with direct expansion: 


  • Less loss of humidity.
  • The differences in temperature of the product and the cooling medium can be measured.
  • The differences in temperature of the product and the cooling medium are smaller.
  • No long networks of pipes with a environmentally unfriendly cooling medium (such as R407c, R134a,...)
  • Better quality.


Water treatment


When the humidity of a storeroom is managed correctly, there will be less quality loss and less weight loss. Stored potatoes evaporate water to the environment as a result of transpiration and respiration. The dryer the air of the environment, the more water is vaporized. The importance of a high humidity is shown in the figure below; the result of an American study.
The figure shows the loss of humidity at a storage temperature of 7,2°C.


From CV-installations to direct heated heaters.