Automotive industry

Dust management

A varnish environment needs to be completely free of dust. Despite taking a lot of measures, it is difficult to keep such an environment completely dust free. In an environment that is too dry, dust will float with the slightest bit of wind. By increasing the relative humidity, this is fought. Because of this humidity increase, static pressure is also avoided. Thanks to these measures, the chance of mistakes is reduced. The decreasing amount of hours needed to repair equipment is also a direct result from our mediation.

Water-based varnish

For the last years, solvents have been hardly used anymore in order to protect to environment. Water-based varnishes are used more and more. By using such varnishes, the air quality in the environment plays a vital role. A constant humidity is a must for achieving good results.

Healthy working environment

New health and safety regulations make high demands on the quality of the working environment.
With large production halls, the condition of the air leaves much to be desired. Air that is too dry could lead to allergies or chronic complaints of the airways. Indirectly, this could lead to absent and dissatisfied staff. In such cases, Climanova finds, in cooperation with the customer, the right solution.